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Instrumental beats blog #20

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon"- a weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Galaxy" by DESH, delaney is a Chillhop track that escorts you deep into a synth-laced expedition across time & space. The track features a sparkly atmosphere under funky lead melodies. The rhythm alone, and how the bassline flirts with the Rhode chord progression, is ethereal.

2. "Tuscan Tubs" by Nokiaa, Søren Søstrom, G Mills is a Chillhop track that wastes no time jumping straight into the groove. A thick synth bass and jazzy piano chords are among the first things that will catch your attention, but as the track progresses, you'll hear vocal unisons, transitional synth-work, and the stank face will grow heavier till the end, where it fades out under a vocal symphony.

3. "Sunday Swamp" by Nobel, Fred Paci is a Lofi track that can be an immediate remedy for bad vibes. The atmosphere in this beat urges the listener to follow it to a place of eternal sunlight, cool breezes, and brunch with friends. This one is full of layers, and never stops evolving till the end.

4. "Hagakure" by Chief Takinawa is a mysterious Lofi / Chillhop track with a heavily cinematic atmosphere. East Asian instruments transport the listener to a far-away, exotic location, and the shimmering piano resembles the elegance of moonlight. This is a perfect track for late-night listening or when needing mental stimulation.

5. "Cocktails" by Oliver New is a melodic Lofi track with feel-good vibes at its core. Acoustic guitar and a raw drumline fuse flawlessly with background synth pads and reverbed plucks. All of Oliver New's music is rich with melody & evolution. Listeners can expect to be surprised and mentally engaged when spinning one of his tracks.

6. "Garden" by Vincent Rayn is a dreamy Lofi track with feel-good guitar and Rhodes melodies, with subtle but perfectly placed background elements giving you something to enjoy in each moment. Great for downtempo listening, chilling with your significant other, or just vibing out by yourself.

7. "Prickly Pear (Theo Juarez Remix) by Theo Juarez is a Lofi track that takes a strong evolutionary approach. The stage is set with a repeating acoustic guitar progression, evocative piano notes, and swelling horns. It drops into a lovely assembly of woodwinds, guitar, and a trumpet solo that walks the listener to the finish line. Great for outdoor vibes, long strolls in nature, or reflective moments.

8. "Pass Me By" by lightheart, Anton, delaney is an uplifting, motivational Lofi track that blends a liquid-like atmosphere with a dry and crispy drumline. Great for re-invigorating oneself. Long bass notes infuse power into the chord progression, with swelling pads and E-keys to add a silky-smooth finish.

9. "hoshi furu yoru ni" by Su-Zuum is a Lofi track with impeccable evolution and variety. From start to finish, Su-Zuum continues to introduce new elements. The bridge & drop half-way in is such a refreshing vibe, and the piano work gets jazzier and jazzier the more the song progresses. This track is an all-around gem that is great for those who need some more optimism in their day.

10. "All Blues" by Sebastian Kamae, MONODUKE is an incredibly Jazzy Lofi track that will keep your attention till the very end. The virtuosic keys take your mind on a rainy-day stroll, and encourages the listener to embrace the day as it comes.


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