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Instrumental beats blog #21

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon", a bi-weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Jazz-funk, Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Songbirds" by Garot Michael Conklin is an amazing vibe for a late-night chill session. A huge, colorful atmosphere features a jazzy trumpet melody over Garot's signature analog-compressed drumline. A must listen for anyone who enjoys Jazz Hop.

2. "Rich and Thick" by spring gang is a jam for your days off work, under the sunlight. A groovy drumline, guitar and synth-work all shine in this beat. Great for listeners who are already missing the summertime.

3. "Night Owls" by HawkOne is as downtempo and vibey as it gets. Super thick drums play over a repeating Rhodes chord progression, with some light guitar notes sprinkled within. Another one for the late-night sessions or rainy days.

4. "wonderer" by Jk Beatbrook is a nice joint for both the day or night. The funky rhodes are a perfect touch over the Lofi drumline and texturized atmosphere, which is littered with various percussion to keep things bouncy.

5. "New Day" by Big Vezy is an upbeat gem with a funky lead synth that carries the listener off to a summer day with the top down. Vezy knows how to lock a groove in. The beat is full of evolution and is a display of doubtless musical talent. Great for brain food and daytime activities.

6. "moog me up" by Wibke Komi is Jazzy and melodic. The lead synth sits nicely within the melodies and descending keys, creating an energetic, refreshing environment to chill out to.

7. "Blue in Green" by Jazzinuf, Theo Lee is a dusty Lofi-Jazz beat with a comfy atmosphere. The inquisitive sound takes me to a coffeeshop at night, with all the smells, sights, and people-watching. Great for complimenting any type of activity.

8. "Blurred" by Mr. Käfer has amazingly colorful piano chords and crispy drums. The chord progression and cadences invoke a city-scene on a rainy night, following the life of a smooth operator. Excellent for downtempo listening.

9. "Delta" by Stan Forebee is incredibly jazzy. The drums are downtempo but the vibe is uplifting. Stan delivered a flawless solo around 1 minute in, great for listeners who enjoy expressive keys and bouncy beats.

10. "The Road is Winding" by SLACER is for peaceful, relaxed days. The atmosphere is uplifting with blues-y influences, transporting the listener to a sunset drenched scene.


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