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Instrumental beats blog #22

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon", a bi-weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Jazz-funk, Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Petals" by Funkyloco is a simple groove surrounded in an uplifting emotion. The loops are perfect for study sessions or chill vibes with friends. Not too distracting, not too simplistic. Just right.

2. "Bonsai" by Clifford, dennisivnvc, Anton is a Jazzy Lofi track fitting for listeners who demand to be impressed with technique. The atmosphere is abundant with subtle elements, and the more you listen the more you will notice.

3. "[equalize]" by Ari Burns, Delaney, Noè Mina, Melatone is another track laced with Jazzy piano, funky synth basses, and smooth horn work. Periodic vinyl scratching gives this polished track the perfect touch of rawness.

4. "TuTu" by Watasino is an experimental, atmospheric Lo-fi beat released by our friends at Japanolofi Records on their latest compilation. I love this track because it evolves so beautifully, the atmosphere is huge and abundant with texture. For lovers of music that offers layers upon layers of things to analyze.

5. "Hello Again" by Living Room, Adrian Planitz has a fun and progressive arrangement, featuring many things to enjoy such as horns, keys, synths, and various percussion. A great jam for those who need some uplifting vibes.

6. "Labirinto" by Koralle has a groovy staccato piano pattern that makes this track an easy head-banger to get lost in. The evolution is smooth and introduces a brief synth bridge after the middle before jumping right back into the groove.

7. "Grasp" by Kyle J-E is a night-vibe, funky Lo-fi track with a focus on an incredible lead synth. The Rhodes chords paint the background with a colorful atmosphere, and the drumline lets the melodies breathe through a subtle yet prominent groove.

8. "Sunday Vibe" by The BREED is super funky with that synth bass. Lately I've been really enjoying synth bass and this track satisfies that craving. Overall, the track is an excellent vibe for your day off work under the sun.

9. "Traces" by Glimlip, Freddie Kane is an energetic track with a ton of evolution. A staccato piano groove starts the song, followed by some exceptional rhythms and melodies. This track is great for those who want to keep their minds busy through analyzing every detail of this dynamic piece.

10. "Proti Fora" by No Spirit, Sátyr has amazing synths and a huge atmosphere. The melodies sit somewhere between chill & energetic, offering the best of both worlds to listeners.



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