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Instrumental beats blog #24

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon", a bi-weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Jazz-funk, Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Inhale" by MiiKS is fun, evolving track to listen to. Romantic and feel-good melodies glide throughout the entire length of the song with a very pleasant bridge in the middle.

2. "Mood Swings" by Dpsht, Lazy Elias is amazing. The background synths transport me to an easy day in the 90s', with my gameboy right beside me. Excellent work with space and groove on this one.

3. "Blue" by Mugensoul is incredibly jazzy with bright, sunny flavors. Similar to the track above, the groove on this one is perfect for a laid-back and chill listening session.

4. "Fortitude" by Signature D, Daniel Ryan is a great listening experience. The track is full of beautiful harmonic layers including background vocals, Rhodes, and an expressive sax. Can't get any more vibey than this!

5. "how to feel" by Lofty, Jaackson has a reassuring arrangement. The progression is beautifully chill, with elements of melancholy mixed in. I love how this track evolves atmospherically as it progresses, and catches a jazzy piano solo towards the end. A great track for any time of day or night.

6. "Rashomon" by Elijah Nang, Komachi, KOHEI YOSHII is a track we just dropped on our label featuring three heavy hitters in the Japanese beat scene. It's mysterious, oriental, deep flavor will get you in a reflective mood.

7. "Light as a feather" by Edenite has a contagious groove and does indeed feel light. The drums are subtle, yet they hit perfectly. A smooth sax plays in the background aside a sine synth to complete the atmosphere.

8. "[improvisation]" by Ari Burns, Billy Blunt first caught my attention by the groovy drums and incredible instrumentation quality. The track has a really dope bassline, and an unforgettable acoustic guitar solo.

9. "Stargazing" by Garo, Beyond Moments, LESKY is an atmospheric beauty. With electric guitars drowned in reverb, a slow and groovy drumline, and an evocative chord progression, this is a great track for late nights and smoke sessions.

10. "Waters" by cre8ion is bouncy, bright, and crunchy. Features a subtle sax, synths, and a sexy live bassline. Perfect for daytime type activities.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my top 10 selections! Please subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified when new issues are released!

You can find all featured music and more at our official playlists on Spotify.

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