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Instrumental beats blog #19

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon"- a weekly blog highlighting ten of the dopest beats from the Lofi / Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Gravity" by nerd music club, Ouroboros is a gritty, raw Lofi track that demands heavy head-bobbing. Released by the label Japanolofi Records. Check out the live performance video below!

2. "Late At Night" by lightheart, Anton is goated with the sauce. This vibe is immaculately sexy and smooth; I love the sax and synth work that graces the track. Released by the Wet Palette record label.

3. "Delusional Waves" by icey wavs, Exmaxhina is a trippy technical Lofi beat, full of modulation and evolution. Released by our very own Tsunami Sounds record label. Check out the live performance video below!

4. "Vitamin D" by Noé Mina, Delaney, Sam Hudgens feels incredible- another absolute slapper put out by Cole Slaw Records. The horns, flutes, and keys are just perfect. I'm a fan.

5. "Good things to come" by Alma Animo slows us down a bit, with sentimental chords and a relaxing rhythm. Part joyous, part melancholic. Released by our friends at the DreamBetter label

6. "Memories of you" by Theo Juarez is a smooth, jazzy Lofi track track with a "dimly-lit cafe at night" vibe. Check out the live video below! Released by our friends over at Green Key Records.

7. "Deli" by RINZ., Basmati is tastefully groovy. Everything sits perfectly in place, great for a late-night listening session. Released by Stereofox

8. "Old Town Walk" by MujjO, Ambiodream overflows with a thick late-night vibe. Lovely E-keys and synth stabs put you in a place of reflection and contemplation. Released also by our label Tsunami Sounds

9. "Cut The Lights Off When You Leave" by Akashi is a downtempo groove perfect for winding-down your night. Lovely Rhodes and bell-tones lullaby you to peace. Released by Sincerely Unspoken Records.

10. "Hugh" by sonofmark, Soul Food Horns is an uplifting, sunny Chillhop track with an amazing melody. Sounds like a smooth Monday morning. Released by Cole Slaw Records.


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