Lofi Japan update #2

This blog is a collection of my favorite tracks from my Japanese curations, done for the Lofi Japan playlist on both Apple music & Spotify. Each blog contains 10 tracks from the playlist, followed by news & updates. To submit to this selection, or to learn more about our Japan operations, visit our Urban Japan discord server or IG!


1. "Urban life" by 1Co.INR is one of the happiest, nostalgic songs I've heard in a while. It feels like a dusk afternoon, set in the orange sunset of a sleepy city.

2. "DeFacto" by Sakamoto Junnosuke is another one of those uplifting tracks for a late afternoon day. Something about the sax in these two tracks that send me back to the 90's era.

3. "Cream Brule" by Aru-2, Kzyboost is a jazzy, sunny beat to get you in an uplifted mood. The track continuously evolves and stays fresh!

4. "ooo" by 2seam is more chill than the previous tracks; an invitation to relax under a trees shade, or to gaze out at the sunset.

5. "Tsu So Tei On" by Aaron Choulai s a really nice , dusty Lofi joint with plenty of piano & guitar instrumentation to enjoy.

6. "Pasing me by" by TOSHIKI HAYASHI(%C) is a fun, jumpy track for the high energy vibes. Perfect for days in the city!

7. "Curiosity" by TOMC, Coyolate has a thick atmosphere with a lot of stuff going on, and that's what makes this a nice Lofi gem. Perfectly jazzy & Hip Hopp-y.

8. "Back in the Days" by UZK is a track with tons of atmosphere and texture. The melody guides you through a satisfying melodic story.

9. "Foace" by Ill Sugi has a laid-back feel to the groove, with evolving piano melodies and other subtle additions.

10. "Here, There" by SUKISHA has an energetic, fun groove that continues to evolve throughout the whole song.


This is the second official rotation for our new playlist, Lofi Japan! With this curation I'll be showcasing music strictly from Japan, hoping to introduce my following to artists overseas and to also give Japan a platform for more overseas discovery & influence in the beat scenes. This playlist will be occasionally changing album covers to reflect different themes and artist takeovers. This current cover is a photo by the artist birds humming the beat.

In addition to this instrumental playlist, (Lofi Japan), I have another vocal-oriented list named Japan R&B, Hip Hop & Jazz Summer that I'll be consistently updating.

Over the next few weeks, our Urban Japan group will be getting re-branded, and our whole ecosystem is simplifying / getting refined. So stay on the lookout for that! Thanks for tuning in, as always!


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by streaming our playlists (below).