Vibe with Damon issue #10

These issues are a collection of my recently favorited songs within the Lofi & Chillhop scenes. The issue opens with ten incredible tracks, followed by personal & label updates, and occasionally other art content. I frequently post music on my personal IG stories, give me a follow and check it out!


1. "Getaway" by Gas Lab, Kazumi Kaneda, Hecor Mario is super nice with the rhythm, rhodes and flute. That flute though, it's the perfect touch. Loving all the swells too.

2. "Green Tea" by Chris Dogzout, Alcynoos has a very smooth progression, the way the melody carries itself is just great. And when the lead synth comes in towards the end it adds the cherry on top. Great work all around!

3. "Shine" by Funky Notes, FLKS is a downtempo vibe. Really nice and crispy drumline & reverby synths. The electric guitar and its' wah effect is a vibe.

4. "Simple Lines" by Garot Michael Conklin caught my attention with the rhythm at first. It's very determined but at the same time laid back. The trumpet that floats through it is amazing. Garot brings a truly Jazzy sound in everything he does and I love it.

5. "Mountain Hike" by Kosibeats & Yutaka Hirasaka everything you'd expect from them both, a really catchy beat with really melodic guitar scenes. It's perfect for a late night chill.

6. "dawn" by Ayusy has a really cool progression. It's pretty melodic and the groove is sits just right. It's very atmospheric and synthy, some of my favorite stuff.

7. IWISHIWAS by Kunde is super groovy and funky. I'm also loving the synth bass that glides around the ever-evolving melodies. This is golden quality stuff here.

8. "i need a cashcow" by daychillaz has a classic Lofi style. It's nice and simple, dusty, and stays fresh without demanding too much attention.

9. "Wind" by Prism is a Jazz-Fusion masterpiece. I discovered Prism and their work when I began to search through Youtube for new music, for the more underground stuff. Prism is a Japanese band that started in the mid 70's, and their entire catalog is a colorful journey of Rock / Jazz / Electronic heaven.

10. "Silver Shoes" by Yuji Toriyama is another one of those from the Youtube searches. What I love most about this is the breakdown at 1:16, the bassline & how the percussion builds from that point is some of the dopest stuff I've heard in a while. I highly recommend getting into their full album.

//Label news

  • I've rebranded our "Lofi Daydreamin" playlist to now become "Raw & Dusty Lofi Hip Hop beats". I'd like to start pushing more of a classic sound that I fell in love with originally. Previously I featured electronic, sleepy stuff, but now I'd like to focus more on drumline, grooves, samples and that "raw" energy with this playlist.


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by following & streaming our playlists (below).