Vibe with Damon issue #12

These issues are a collection of my recently favorited songs within the Lofi Hip Hop & Chillhop scenes. The issue opens with ten incredible tracks, followed by personal & label updates, and occasionally other art content. I frequently post music on my personal IG stories, give me a follow and check it out!


1. "Soulstice" by mid-west based Rose Tint has such a beautiful groove and Lofi texture. The rhythm sits right in the pocket and I can listen to this all day.

2. "Pure" by Orange County based artist Rivizion is sunny, bright, with an uptempo groove to get your morning started great. Another crisp-drum joint!

3. "Welcome'" by California based artist Madhi is incredible for a few reasons; one, because the beat itself is incredibly jazzy & energetic. Secondly, because the producer is only 16 years old!! Definitely keep your eye on this one.

4. "Komorebi" by UK based Elijah Nang is something different, but entirely needed. I personally vibe with this one for the Blade runner vibes it brings. The track shimmers, shines, moves and grooves. It skillfully remains at the edge of comfort. Enticing me to listen deeper. Great stuff, also props to the homies StereoFox for always hosting innovative, quality content.

5. "Fly By" by Paklite has a thick Lofi texture and crunchy drums. The track is filled with subtle guitar lines and other background elements. It makes for a nice vibe.

6. "Sneak Peek" by California based Chris Morris has a really catchy hook, in addition to punchy, groovy drums. If you can't tell already, I'm a fan of groove. Chris nails it here!

7. "Light" by Uyama Hiroto is simply an amazing song. Hiroto is one of my all-time favorite artists. Recently I went back to his old work and listened again, and it's like each song has aged more and more beautifully. This track brings such a passionate Sax & piano combo. The percussion also gets my feet moving. If you haven't listened to the album 'Freedom of the Sun', you're hugely missing out.

8. "Ordinary joe" by Nujabes, Terry Callier was another track I found while re-listening to Uyama Hiroto, Nujabes and the artists in this circle. This song is filled with a fast-paced rhythm, yet the melodies and Terry's vocals glide through the music in a slower feel. The lyrics are also incredibly poetic. I'm in love!

9. "Reminiscence Jazz" by Uyama Hiroto, Segawa Tatsuya is incredible. Sorry to share Uyama Hiroto twice in this article, but I genuinely love his music & sound. This track below is more on the Jazz side of things, but is absolutely perfect for any time of day + night.

10. "C-Side" by Texas based trio Khruangbin, and Atlanta based Leon Bridges was referred to me by our community. I was a bit burnt out on all the stuff i was listening to and multiple people recommended Khruangbin for their live, jazzy style. I fell in love with the dynamic the group brings. Each project is something truly unique.

//Personal updates

I've spent the last few weeks building locally, making plans with my housemate regarding a new local label / collective we're starting up. So if I've slowed down anywhere else, this is why. We recently bought a drum set, a mixer, we're getting a mic system setup for live recording, etc. The studio is coming together, we're building ideas and themes and should have some work done soon. More info to drop in a bit!

//Label updates

The GENESIS compilation is almost here! I've intentionally been keeping things secret and under wraps. Im tired of the whole "Promote the project for a month just to get some presaves and then no interaction when it actually drops". lmao. So when this drops, ya'll better show some love and order some copies of the CD. We put blood sweat and tears into this one and the hype is 100% worth it.

Shortly after Genesis drops, I'll be sending out our labels next annual newsletter highlighting notable changes to our work, style, mindset for the rest of 2022. Please tune in to see what's new.

We also have our latest two beat events wrapping up at the end of February. You still have time to participate if you haven't yet. Swing by the events page and check it out! Let me know if you have any questions. We will begin March beat events after the polls for Feb events.


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by following & streaming our playlists (below).