Vibe with Damon issue #13

These blog pieces are a collection of my recently favorited songs from the Lofi Hip Hop & Chillhop scenes, found through curating for our labels playlists. The issue opens with ten dope tracks, followed by personal & label updates. I frequently post music on my personal IG stories, give me a follow and let's build!


1. "Yosuke" by San Jose (CA) based Eyesoh is dreamy, and effortlessly floats along time with a laid back groove, over glittering melodies.

2. "Sunset" by MIXK, Marco Apicella has a super thick synth bassline. The groove here is also simple & raw- achieving great balance with the polished instrumentation.

3. "Hummingbird'" by Anomalie, Bad Snacks is for the Jazz & instrumental heads out there. An incredibly energetic groove dances over strings, piano, and great percussion work. A solid bop to get your mornings started.

4. "Dancing Elevator" by Early Garden is a perfect joint for a late afternoon chill session. The drumline alone is vibey, and the chord progression is both haunting yet relaxing. Nice balance

5. "About to leave" by ilostmypick caught my attention with the colorful melodies of the guitarwork. I really dig the uplifting progression here, perfect for a Monday Morning bump

6. "Alley Whispers" by Melatone, Afroham has a chill groove, and a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere. This is a great late night joint

7. "Orchids" by Funky Notes is another one for the day vibes. Sexy sax work graces the track, which is already dope with the an uplifting Rhodes progression.

8. "Jump Ship" by Slug, Soren Sostrom, Yasper is beautiful in every way. Excellent drumline & groove, Jazzy horn & piano work, and a progression that never leaves you wanting.

9. "Stunned" by FRANZ is a very nice LoFi Hip Hop joint. The Sax in the second verse brings a nice energy lifter, but overall the song is very chill & reflective.

10. "You know the time we on" by the group Iso Indies, produced by C-rxch has to be one of the dopest Hip Hop/ Rap tracks I've heard in a while. C-rxch is in our labels group chats and put me on to Iso's work. I'm a fan of the team and hope we can work one day.

//Personal updates

Where to begin... Life has been moving at the speed of light this last few months. Tsunami Sounds is basically booked for the rest of the year with amazing projects, and I've been spending a LOT more effort in our sub-label, Twilight Grooves. Now that I've began to "balance" my life a bit more, I have a lot more free time, which is being used towards producing again for my own projects. Before running labels, I was primarily a music producer and I want to go back to this. That shit was fun. I have big plans for 2023 for myself and our labels. The next big endeavor is to open a local studio. I want to begin flying artists out to Cali for some work!

//Label updates

Since the launch of our latest premier CD project in February, Genesis: The Elucian Story, there hasn't really been much "huge" news. We've released a handful of great singles & Ep's, as well as a few blog posts on Behind Walls Media, and we're still active on these beat events.

Our next premier CD projects will be this summer. More detail will drop sometime in May, but let's just say each work gets better and better.

Going forward, I want to release a lot less music through our labels. Instead of always promoting our new stuff, I'd like to focus a bit more of our effort and community attention on group projects & events.

I've realized our music & business approach is pretty niche, even more so than the LoFi community to begin with. Our strength is our proximity to producers. We're a group of likeminded artists more than we are a business or record label, so I feel its only natural to shift our efforts more towards the beat scene, releasing music as a byproduct of our awesome community and initiatives.

Our next beat event is dropping this Monday!!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for anything I manage, feel free to drop that here:


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by following & streaming our playlists (below).