Vibe with Damon issue #14

These blog pieces are a collection of my best recent finds from the Lofi Hip Hop, Chillhop, and other adjacent scenes such as Ambient, Funk or Jazz. The issue opens with ten dope tracks, followed by personal & label updates. Follow me on IG!


1. "Sudachi" by Yuhei Miura and Koza is a super chill summer day type beat, with a fun and care-free piano melody playing throughout.

2. "bay" by TOSHIKI HAYASHI(%C) is another summer / spring day feel, I've been listening to a lot of these uplifting type of moods lately. The vocal samples are so reassuring on this one!

3. "The Art of Peer Pressure'" by Unregistered User is a rhythmic, downtempo vibe. I love the hi hat pattern on this one and the night aura.

4. "Guitar Vignette No. 5" by Mantetu is a happy, sunny track that takes me to an island somewhere, away from all my problems lol. A nice and tropical sounding piece.

5. "Slow Burner" by daidai has an infectious groove and an almost sinister sound. I can put this on repeat for hours.

6. "Muevete" by Naomy Morena and Theo Juarez has beautiful horn playing and a punchy drumline. A great combo of Lofi techniques mixed with quality, live recordings.

7. "Here comes the spring" by muun is such an uplifting track, I can listen to this on repeat for a while and not be bored. The guitarwork is just right- not too much and not too absent.

8. "Another Moment" by DJ Ryow a.k.a Smooth Current is something I found while curating for my Japanese selection, and I immediately fell in love with his style. Turns out he was the resident DJ for Nujabes' label, Hydeout, among other notable things.

9. "Secret of the Forest" by Malcom Robinson is part of an album that covers the Chrono Trigger game soundtrack, and they're all amazing, but this one in particular caught my ear. So mysterious and romantic.

10. "Teamwork" by ShinSight Trio, Shin-Ski, Insight Innovates is a super dope up-tempo Hip Hop track, and I encourage you to dive into this network of artists because all their work is insane!!

//Personal updates

Over the past several months (and technically years) I've been carefully building with Japanese artists, A&R's, brands, with the intent to develop a Japanese-led team that would blossom into something cool.

Thanks to many people, I now have the opportunity to curate an official playlist for our distributor, Dashgo, focused on showcasing music from the Japan region. This is something I take with huge gratitude and I'm excited to see where it leads. Special thanks to artists Refeeld, Ounak, Thirsty Girl, Komachi, and birds humming the beat for helping with this whole initiative. (The playlist is still being refined, stay tuned for the link. I'll be sharing it on social media often)

In addition to the playlist, I've started a new discord channel, named Urban Japan. Many of our core Japanese community have joined and have been helping grow it. I originally started it to focus on Japan's urban design and architecture, but it's turned into a place to showcase all things creative and Japanese, hahah. You should join if you dig their aesthetic and would like to connect with Japanese artists and beat makers!

//Label updates

We've been putting out some exceptional work lately, and we've landed several Spotify editorial playlists since my last blog, such as our work with Soular Child & Kazuma Kobayashi, Jaydottcee, Signature D and more. (These projects are linked below)

We have our next premier projects coming this summer, and we'll begin to announce these shortly. As a label, we've pivoted to make these our "main thing". So we'll be focusing a lot more on these CD type projects going forward. Stay tuned!

Some of our recent work:

Mezcal- Odem Medo

Memory Dress- Thirsty Girl

//Tracks that have landed an editorial since last update

"Fading in" by Soular Child, Kazuma Okabayashi is seriously one of my favorite ambient songs of all time and I'm not just saying that because our label released it. I'm a big fan of drone~ish stuff, and this track beautifully stays stationary while still having movement. It was part of a 2-track EP, sharing a cool concept of "Fading in, Fading out". I also designed the cover on this one! Great project all around.

"hitman" by JayDottCee is his second editorial hit, after our first one named "Hometime" a few months ago, which is now at around 930k streams. I used to not pay attention to stream counts or even celebrate them, but after the hard, strategic work that we've done for JayDottCee, seeing it pay off is naturally inspiring, and feels like something to celebrate for the whole team. This label journey is fun.

"Peace" by Signature D has a super calming aura, and right off the bat, our community loved the track. It's no surprise it ended up on "Lofi Garden" spotify playlist. Signature D has a style rooted in sounding 'natural' so its definitely fitting.

"Prepare" by Akisai was originally made from my request to make a song for our labels VR / metaverse project, which is still in development. I got inspiration from the game "NieR Automata", from the moon space station theme song; so I asked him to make something similar to the feel. The song was picked up a few weeks after the release, onto Spotify's "Ambient Japan" playlist.


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by following & streaming our playlists (below).