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Instrumental beats blog #16

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon"- a weekly blog highlighting ten of the dopest beats from the Lofi / Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Beam me up" by Shibo has a thick bassline and nicely evolving pads. Atmosphere is on point with this track.

2. "Koyo by my friend yaz, Homson, Nosmoh is a very optimistic, chill track for days in the sunlight. Amazing piano work graces this one.

3. "Baia Del Sole" by Mindr, Soul Food Horns is quality as usual for them- the composition will take you to a spring day somewhere that is peaceful & vibrant.

4. "beautiful day" by kozebeats, Beats in the Bank is vibes on vibes. As the title suggests, it's optimistic and filled with bright energy.

5. "Super You" by Superglue, Howden, Anton has high quality production from the percussion, horns, and guitar work. A solid track for any time of day.

6. "Satisfying Piece of Music" by Nel Gabriel is legit one of my favorite songs of the year. Not just because we helped release it- but the melodies are truly genius, in my opinion. Had to feature this one!!

7. "Someone like you" by Taki Brano, Marcus D has a hard-hitting drumline and a piano melody that will transport you to yet another bright, colorful afternoon.

8. "Never, Bro" by Kaza is a nice afternoon bump. A laid back groove sits on top a vibey guitar sample.

9. "Growing" by Ounak captures a pure, happy essence of Japanese lifestyle & scenery. Created for Tsunami Sounds' "Akari Volume II" project. Great for light listening.

10. "Pray 4 Peace" by C-Rxch" is a more downtempo sound, with a groovy Hip Hop drumline and piano sample.

//Label updates

We've officially launched our next two beat events! These will run until Oct.14th.

We've hosted 25+ beat events over the last 4 years. Many submissions for these have ended up on official CD, Vinyl compilations, in addition to helping build long lasting networks and collaborations. I encourage you to check these prompts out and get involved!

Second Son

We've been rolling out the album "Second Son" by artist "Taki Brano", and you can find one of the previews with Marcus D available above (Someone like you). The album is a passionate creation of sonic therapy representing duality and harmony between two beings (his two sons) as shown in the original artwork by long-time friend and artist Chris Cox.


The sounds within encompass many emotions and represent times spent with loved ones and legendary collaborators. Taki Brano’s spirit for human connection, deep passion for music, and the integration of technology in all these aspects of life as it has evolved through time is the catalyst behind this unique full-length offering. Thanks for all the support in advance!

Akari Volume II

The Akari Vol.II compilation is a celebration of Japanese culture and lifestyle. It has a soothing production style, promoting peace, harmony, and respect for our environment. We've manufactured limited edition CD's, as well as Posters for the project. Illustrated by the great "Su-Zuum" and features all-Japanese artists! Find the whole album here

We've also worked with videographer Rieko Tsuji to create a short film with 5 of the 12 tracks. Find that here


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue, I hope you found something that made you vibe. Please subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified when new issues are released!

You can find all featured music and more at our official playlists on Spotify.

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