Vibe with Damon, issue #7

These issues are a collection of my recently favorited songs within the Lofi Fusion, Chillhop & Funk scenes. The issue opens with ten incredible tracks, followed by personal & label updates, and occasionally other art content.


1. Floating Beauty by Calm epitomizes my current taste in music. Lovely evolution from start to end, filled with melodic pianos, contagious groove, and hugely positive energy. I recently bought a CD from the band. I believe they're my favorite discovery of the year, and I encourage you to give them a shot!

2. Medi by Bowsa has a hauntingly beautiful sound and evolution. Very simplistic lead melodies on guitar & E-keys, but the resulting track sounds complex & rich with sounds to explore.

3. Sailors by Rosehip is one of those tracks that creep on you. It starts innocently, but gradually builds up to a high-energy, melancholic sound with riveting synths and reverb. Great for pondering or rainy days.

4. Plinkaphone by Nokiaa, Deauxnuts has a mean groove. From the very beginning I'm hooked on the energy this track brings. 10/10 quality slaps.

5. All For by TV Culture is a bright, jumpy track that gives you the best of both worlds; high-energy groove, and calm breaks. The classic synthwork is done super well in this track.

6. Globetrotter by Dreama is a downtempo masterpiece. Slow grooves with smooth guitar melodies lure the listener into the atmosphere, and the celestes/keys are nothing less than ethereal.

7. Turn back time by Boyan is another that hits that immediate vibe. The intro pluck melodies are provocative, and the drop completes the speculation of a mean, synthy atmosphere. Loving the bassline in this one.

8. Goose by Mathien, DESH, delaney is a major vibe. With dry and punchy drumwork, this track is perfect for getting in a summer-time mood. The middle section provides some dexterous instrumentation and stays fresh all the way through.

9. Folding Under Stories Told by Letting up despite great faults is a masterpiece. Part electronic, part alt Rock, the bands whole discography is distinct, passionate, full of messaging. The song continues to evolve all the way up past the 2 minute mark, never ceasing to pull on your heart strings.

10. Epitasis by Funk Fiction was playing as I was finalizing this track list, and I ended up adding it. It's part of their 12-track album Epitasis, which is overwhelmingly atmospheric. It blends beautiful ambient with groovy, very fitting drums. (Hard to do). Definitely goes in the top 5 highest quality albums I've heard the last 6 months or so.

//Personal Updates

I've been wrapping up our Genesis compilation project lately. It's due to drop in late February. We have 12 artists in the track-list so far, I'm sending the album to get mastered this week. The cover artwork, being worked by Japanese illustrator Cyon, is nearly done too. Once it is, I'll be creating the official CD product in addition to the official poster advertisement. (It's sick AF). We have over 10+ concept art pieces for the storyline, done by AdventureSp1rit, and the CD will contain a booklet of some of the best artwork inside. I plan for Genesis to be a 3-part series, and dropping a short animated film with the 3rd & final work in the story. I'm kind of hoping it will be picked up in ten years for a full theatrical movie (lol).

Speaking of movies, I'm working with a Japanese videographer for a secret label project, in what will be my first directed visual work. So I'm really excited about that and I'll be talking your ear off about it the next few months. More info will come sometime around February, or March.

Aside from that, label work has slowed down significantly. I've taken the last few months to re-organize the label, our strategies and plans, and I now want to focus deeper on the work i throw myself into. So our team is only working with a fraction of what we did before. Better for our mental health that's for sure! And this should produce better work in general.

I've continued to listen to ambient music a lot as well. I've played the song Temples by Macross 82-99 over 22 thousand times this year! haha. (Thanks to Spotify wrapped for that data). This song has saved my sanity.

Lately I've been really into the dystopian, electronic, romantic sound after finally watching the 1980 movie Bladerunner: Final cut. (I know, I'm late). The music in the film by Vangelis captured me. So much, that I started an event at our label themed around the original soundtrack.

Speaking of Macross, I've began to re-live the 80's in Japan by watching some of the iconic titles, such as "Macross: Do you believe in love?", Space Battleship Yamato, etc. This helped satisfied my craving for romanticism within a science-fiction theme- wrapped in the aesthetics of Japanese artistry. I was inspired the last month to dive into this dystopian theme because of reading Hideo Kojima's book; "The Creative Gene". In this book he talks about the various works that inspired his life, style, and in it he highlighted "Space Battleship Yamato", as well as the original "Blade Runner".

//Cover Design

Below are some of my favorite designs from my recent curations:


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