Vibe with Damon issue #8

These issues are a collection of my recently favorited songs within the Lofi Fusion, Chillhop & Funk scenes. The issue opens with ten incredible tracks, followed by personal & label updates, and occasionally other art content.


1. "From Valledmossa to Soller" by Pacific Coliseum Is one of my new favorite electronic tracks of the year. Their entire discography is worthy of featuring, especially the "Ocean City" album. Big Tycho resemblances, but still remains distinct.

2. "The Finest" by Persona La Ave, Baraka has soul, groove, and gives me the funkiest stank face. This is a track I can truly bounce to.

3. "Espasiado fuera" by Joan bibiloni has an incredibly air-y atmosphere, a smooth and consistent groove, and abstract vocals to keep you engaged in the vibe.

4. "Sam's Theme" by Mathien, Howden is the most uplifting Chillhop songs I've heard in a minute. I genuinely feel like life is better when listening to this track. Very dope and high-quality work being done over at Coleslaw Records & Soul Food Horns.

5. "On The Rocks" by Marvillous Beats is a sinister, dark Chillhop beat with sick rhythms and virtuous violin work. There's evolution all throughout the song and it never gets old.

6. "Rain at the Marina" by Hello Meteor is a downtempo, Chillwave masterpiece. The beauty to the song is in the evolution, the constant drumming over the ethereal, rainy backdrop.

7. Caffe Latte by Chief Takinawa is a groovy Lofi gem. Amazing Jazz piano chords, sax and double bass layer the song, and sick vocal chops & foley give it a nice finishing touch.

8. "Perfect Blue" by Baraka is a bouncy electronic track. A lovely synth-bass jumps all around as a nice vocal sings ambiently in the background.

9. "Kontiki" by jacuzzi jefferson, JG Torriset is a very nice Lofi piano/rhodes-filled beat, with plenty of evolution and space.

10. "Fairy Dust" by Joshua Morse is a remix of Zelda's "Fairy Fountain" song. To be honest, most of the remixes of this song don't do the original track justice in my opinion- but Joshua's style is superbly funky and clean, he nailed it. This song is part of an album that has other amazing songs, definitely give it a listen!

//Label news

We have two brand new beat events starting today!

  • Childhood beats remix vol.2: Create a song inspired by early media you admired in your childhood such as games, anime/manga, or other cartoons. Create an original or sampled track, no limitations.

//Personal Updates

Not much has happened to report with business / label work. The end of the year is always stressful for me and I slow down quite a bit. I'm still wrapping up ongoing projects and re-structuring. Lately I've spent more time reading books, magazines (Visual Signals), and playing games (Rimworld, Death Stranding). I've also started studying deep into pop culture of Japan & North America in the 70's - 2000's, and i've discovered some really cool insights relatable to our genre(s) that I want to write a separate blog on.

Aside from that, I've been trying to pour more attention into our labels community, by hosting more events and trying to support artists even more. I'm focusing heavier on nurturing Bandcamp support these days too, if you haven't noticed. I've realized that the strength of our label is that it's sort of a gathering spot of producers from many different backgrounds and goals; Electronic, Lofi, Folk, American, Japanese, Eurpean. What connects us is music, collaboration, and vibes. Genres are blurred here and that's a really exciting thing to me.


Thanks for taking the time to read this issue and I hope you heard / saw something that made you vibe. If you'd like to help me out, you can donate here, or you can just support our music label by streaming our playlists (below).