Vibe with Damon issue #9

These issues are a collection of my recently favorited songs within the Lofi Fusion, Chillhop & Funk scenes. The issue opens with ten incredible tracks, followed by personal & label updates, and occasionally other art content.


1. "Canary" by Elijah the Alchemist has a really smooth progression. The cascading keys, the slick bass-line and the timing in the drops are my favorite things about this track. Great work all around

2. "Beyond the sky" by Osamu Fukuzawa is one of my new favorite tracks of this phase. Really lovely composition here with positive, uplifting emotions.

3. "Nyhavn by Day" by 9ICK, Soul food horns is a masterpiece to me. A constant groove plays over some beautiful rhodes & sax- the composition never sits still, either.

4. "Brand new shoes" by Takuya Kuroda is the energy we all need on a Monday morning. The title alone gives me super happy vibes. I literally imagine the artist dancing around the streets in his new, clean af coke whites. It's a vibe.

5. "Like Home" by Marcus D is refreshing. It reminds me of the early days of sample based Lofi hip hop. A nice and simple groove to get lost to.

6. "Chuchotement" by Satoshi & Makoto is a minimal, electronic gem. It has a pulsating rhythm with a slightly dark undertone. Really cool vibes here.

7. Vertical (Baraka remix) by Baraka and Ljones is really atmospheric- I love the constant percussion over the ambience and those jazzy keys. Right up my alley

8. "drift" by mister magpie is another atmospheric Chillhop gem, with slightly funky melodies and allusions. The keys that repeat over the top make for a head bobber.

9. "fishing" by Fuyu is incredibly smooth and lush- Is that a flute? This is a perfect tune for an after-hours smoke sesh, after a long day of hustling.

10. "Away" by Azimuth has a beautiful double-bass melody. The usage of time & space in this track is amazing

//Label news

Our latest two beat challenges are still live by the way! The deadline is Jan 28th. Join in!

  • Childhood beats remix vol.2: Create a song inspired by early media you admired in your childhood such as games, anime/manga, or other cartoons. Create an original or sampled track, no limitations.

//Personal Updates

So, I finally got Covid earlier this month. That put a hiccup in lots of things, on top of new years shenanigans. But i'm finally recovered and refreshed, in my zone, ready to prosper.

I've finished wrapping up everything for our labels Genesis album. I should be receiving the first copies of the CD this week, and we'll be starting the promotion process. I am beyond excited to show ya'll what we've been working on since last year.

Aside from that, our schedule from now till May contains some of the best music we've ever released, in my opinion. It's been a few years since our launch as a label and I'm just now feeling confident in our style. Going forward, you'll notice more consistent art / design directions, more cohesion in our label releases, and more power moves in general. I'll also be going harder with curation.

We have some really big news & changes happening regarding our Japanese focus too, I still can't say too much, but expect some masterpiece work very soon. I'll give an official announcement after the launch of Genesis. We continuously challenge ourselves with each project


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