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Vibe with Damon episode #2

These blog issues contain some of my favorite songs that I discover while curating for our playlists at Tsunami Sounds (Pictured above). The order will be Beats & Jazz first, then regional & vocal music secondly. (Japan & African based music). Everything is within the same vibe and aesthetic you probably expect from our curation. My goal here is to hopefully introduce new artists & styles to my following; helping to push our niche's sound forward


Teahouse Spirits: Anyone who knows me knows that I have a burning passion for Japanese themes. While Kalaido isn't a native Japanese producer, the vibes in this track (and his whole album) are immaculate, thick, and seem to invite the listener into an intimate setting. Wait till 1:21 for the clarinet. (or is that something else?) Thanks to the homie 'Behind Clouds' for putting me on to this!

Tactile by Fthmlss has amazing rhythms, harmonies and textures. The occasional horns are such a great touch too. I admire his ability to keep the song packed with excitement, yet simple enough to still get carried off into a day dream.

Morning Breeze is a beautifully sunny track by Jeff Shadows and Low Key Trampoline. I'm a personal fan of Low Key Trampoline's raw, organic sound. Him and I have some upcoming projects together through our label, actually. Looking forward to bringing more of their uplifting energy to our following. 

Oceania is a groovy, upbeat chillhop track by Chromonicci. With floating keys, a dense, airy atmosphere and a really light evolution. My favorite part is around 2:39, where the beat takes on a really groovy rhythm. 

Another Time by Sftspkn is a downtempo, Chillhop vibe with fantastic melodies. The guitar is expertly played & hits every note my heart expected it to. Stay tuned till1:36 to hear the sax part; its very nice.

Regional music

(My favorite vibes in Japan, Africa)

Tribal Futurism (South Africa): This track by Skai Lounge wants to whisper something deeper to the soul. The background chants and the drumbreaks- everything keeps me on edge, like I'm part of an ephemeral and sacred dance, desparate to capture as much to memory as possible. 

Memories (Japan): Japanese artist D.K has such an electric feel to his music. On one hand, it feels heavily synthetic and lofi, but on the other it's mesmerizing and lush as if played from nature itself. The build up and evolution in all his tracks are worth waiting for. These songs are all quite an experience. So dope I had to post two tracks from the album.

an illusion (Japan): Groovy, and perfect for a sunny day in Tokyo. This track by Ovall has been on my repeat list lately because of how much the song evolves. The label Origami Productions pushes out really dope & original stuff from Japan, i recommend everyone to check them out if they dig this.

Yellow (Japan): The first time I heard this song by Jambo Lacquer I was sort of feeling down, and it just hit the perfect string for me. The underlying melancholic feeling resonated deeply, but the song takes a very positive turn very early. The song almost seems to reassure you, telling you things will be fine. 

Below are some albums that I've recently listened to

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.48.04

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