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Vibe with Damon episode #3

These blog issues contain some of my favorite songs that I discover while curating for our playlists at Tsunami Sounds (Pictured above). The order will be Beats & Jazz first, then regional & vocal music secondly. (Japan & African based music). Everything is within the same vibe and aesthetic you probably expect from our curation. My goal here is to hopefully introduce new artists & styles to my following; helping to push our niche's sound forward


All over again: P.SUS has an incredible attention to groove. Each song on this entire album legit had me dancing and bobbing my head. If you enjoy tracks with a contagiously uplifting feel, give this whole thing a spin. One of the best albums I've heard all year.

Double the Dog by Slug is a sunny vibe with bright percussion & synthwork. The drums sit just right with this one, and the trumpet in the middle is amazing. Loving the energy brought with this track. Go on a day cruise with this one bumping!

lakeside is an atmospheric track by Azure Gaze, with introspective synths and a progression that gets me thinking about life & stuff. Loving the subtle acoustic guitars in the background, and the attention to space here.

Childhood Recollections by Linear Path took my attention with the expressive guitar playing. The instrumentation is top notch here, and the atmosphere is subtle & sweet, a great combo all around. 

Sounds of Nature by Sao Kzu and Sounds of Nowhere has a really cool vibe to it- the chord progressions seem to tell a story and I really dig all the background foley, detail, and texture. Make sure to stick around for the guitar near the end! Great work here by the artists and the label Chill Select

Misc music

(My favorite vibes in Japan, Africa)

Imaginary Folklore (Japan): This entire album is a vibe. Nujabes and his sound was magical and inspired me beyond words. This song in particular was on repeat for me in the summer of 2014 - 2015 

Fortress of Lies (Japan): I recently bought the game NieR: Automata and was astounded by the soundtrack by Keiichi Okabe. This song in particular puts me in a meditative state and easily makes it within the top-3 best ambient songs I've heard all year. 

theme (Japan): I'm secretly in love with this track. I heard it over a year ago and it influenced a whole new musical direction for me. The beginning chords immediately grip me, and fill me with such joy & anticipation for something great. The woodwinds are graceful, and the way the piano builds the song is divine. Great work, Akisai

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