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Vibe with Damon episode #4

These blog issues contain some of my favorite songs that I discover while curating for our playlists at Tsunami Sounds (Pictured above). Everything is within the same vibe and aesthetic you probably expect from our curation (Chillhop, Jazz, Ambient, Soul, etc). My goal here is to hopefully introduce new artists & styles to my following; helping to push our niche's sound forward


Sea of Dreams: This song is pure vibes; the way the bass-line slides in & how the rest of the song evolves with that sax is otherworldly. I'll admit the vocals sort of threw me off in the first time listening, (im more of an instrumental kind of guy), but I do love the chorus. It's a perfect jam to cruise the freeway to. 

High Looking Sky by sphontik is a new absolute favorite track of mine; the amount of detail and evolution in this track is unrivaled. Listen till about 3:30 where the song breaks down, the following build up gives me chills each time I listen. The entire album is fire so make sure to give it a listen!

Handyman Groove by Her Chi is a really atmospheric track with a dope groove, the heavy reverbed guitars were also a nice vibe. Great for a night time listening session

A long time ago by Garot Michael Conklin is a vibe masterpiece. We just released this 8-track album at our label last week, and it's genuinely some of my favorite music that we've signed. Between the heavy atmosphere and the virtuosic flugelhorn playing; it's masterfully produced and will leave you wanting more.

Morning Routine by Just Steezy Things has a smooth groove and an enticing sound. I'm really loving those spicy background guitar chords. To me it sounds more like a late-night sort of vibe but it works all around. 

Good Vibes Only by N.Musicbeatz is beautifully downtempo & chill- it's a track that'll get you thinking deep about life and what the future holds. Loving those spacey synths and the muted guitars that come in around 50 seconds. A solid track overall. 

The Last Story of the Myth: Part jazz, part classical, this song by fox capture plan takes me on a journey. Heavily reminds me of the OST from NieR Automata but also sounds reminiscent of Uyama Hiroto and similar sylings. Definitely more out-there, but worth the listen.

Summerhit 2032: The percussion captured my heart in this track by Michael Benedikt; and the build-up to the main melody was sweet. This track hits every right note for me, and for that it goes in my list.

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