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Vibe with Damon episode #5

These blog issues contain some of my favorite songs that I discover while curating for our playlists at Tsunami Sounds (Pictured above). Everything is within the same vibe and aesthetic you probably expect from our curation (Chillhop, Jazz, Ambient, Soul, etc). My goal here is to hopefully introduce new artists & styles to my following; helping to push our niche's sound forward


Reconciliation: I'm a sucker for good percussion and basslines. This track by Michal Martyniuk has a ton of rhythm, nice keys and 'oohs'. Then it switches up into a funky synth style track with sax, and it's a vibe from there.

Beach Day by Brian Ward has a groove that is incredible, I could listen to this all day. A beautiful guitar floats through the entire track with the rhythms like a butterfly on a tropical island.

Moving on by Theo Juarez caught my attention with the amazing jazzy piano playing. This track is smooth till the end, featuring trumpets and a slight synth section. Great all around

jacaranda by Jason Fabus is a really fun track. It has beautiful synthwork, placing me inside a large, icy cavern. Lots of arpeggios, melodies, and playful vibes in this one. Listen to the breakdown at 1:23, the song takes quite a different turn and that's why i like this song.

Sunset with friends by Early Garden and ZOFY is vibes to the max- I'm a sucker for great melodies and expert guitar work, both things that are displayed very well in this track. Not to mention the flute work!! The song gives me hope and brings back some of my innocence. 

Watery Soul: This track by Ghostnaut has some amazing guitarwork, and punchy grooves. Bouncy percussion is something i look for the most in the songs I share and this track shined through. Plus, funky synthwork and basslines are life.

Eclipse: Like Jazz? This tracks groove is contagious and quick- featuring tons of funky synthwork and reverse-piano goodness. There's a lot of evolution and breaks, enough to keep me engaged the whole 7 minutes.

Elle: If you're a fan of impressionist classical piano, you'll probably enjoy this beautiful, jazzy piece. Soft bongoes set an easy pace, and that background double bass makes for a vibe. 

Undercover: This Paklite track boasts some really thick drums and amazing punch. The synthwork is also on point- really sick funky guitar licks are the cheery on top.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Jazz, Soul, Afrosoul and things of that nature. I discovered some greats like The Love Unlimited Orchestra, Barry White, Bobbi Humphrey, Kyoto Jazz Massive, and more. Below are some of my favorites among this genre:

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 1.41.02 PM.png

The track above, 'Nights in Africa' is amazing. This month, our sub-label Twilight Grooves will be releasing an album project by a group from South Africa, so i've personally been digging into the region & culture a bit more. The amount of influences that run deep in this music is much more complex than I had thought. But it's brought more love and respect for it all. Pay attention to the amazing energy built at 4:05 on the above song; this part onwards fills me with LIFE. One of the most inspirational songs I've heard in a minute.

All in all, I've been educated a bit more about the influences / roots of Jazz, Soul, Disco, etc. It's all such a beautiful space of music and I encourage you to explore it if you haven't. If you've gotten this far, I love you and thanks so much. I hope you enjoyed this curation and you continue to support my journey to bring you the vibiest music from around the world.

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