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Vibe with Damon episode #6

These blog issues contain some of my favorite songs that I discover while curating for our playlists at Tsunami Sounds (Pictured above). Everything is within the same vibe and aesthetic you probably expect from our curation (Chillhop, Jazz, Ambient, Soul, etc). My goal here is to hopefully introduce new artists & styles to my following; helping to push our niche's sound forward


Earth Song: I recently discovered the Japanese producer/group 'Calm'- and I'm in love with the hopeful, jazzy tones that flow through their music. This track in particular has a dope B section that makes you want to run fists-first into battle.

Bellariva by Hear & Now has an impeccable groove. Gets you bobbing your head immediately with those guitar notes. Just wait till the synth-work arrives for a full vibe.

Evening Shadows by D.K is an ambient / retrowave gem. The song leaves you engulfed in the mystery of the world around you. D.K has a talent for using space in his music- and the heavily reverbed percussion is a great touch.

Reflection by Gabby And Lopez has a fun groove / percussion element to it. I love tracks with percussion going wild in every direction & rhythm, this song keeps my mind on its toes and I love that.

Gradual Life by Kentaro Takizawa feels like a mixture of summer and winter, featuring amazing atmospheric pads and an acoustic guitars that wrap you in warmth. 

Blue Grassland: Listen to the drumline in this track by Soulstance, seriously. The song begins very atmospheric and abstract, yet evolves beautifully into this groovy masterpiece. 

Cruise: This song is upbeat, sunny, and screams summer time. Your Song is Good is another Japanese band with incredible rhythm and tones- make sure to stock up

Sunny Days: Need a buttery guitar melody that pulls on your heart strings? This track by Fnonose & RdBeats does just that. A nice and steady drumline gently guides everything along.  

Aujourdhui: I'm in love with the groove in this track. The drumline & melody evolve over the entire course of the song. The kick drum rhythm is contagious!

After Dawn: If you listen to our playlists you've probably heard this song in there; the crispy drumwork by DESH is always a vibe, and Søren Søstrom, Noé Mina helped make this a masterpiece. 


Leaves Wet: Kenji Kihara is officially my favorite ambient producer. His sound is incredibly minimal, lush, and fitting for any situations really. I tend to leave ambient songs on repeat for hours to open my headspace. 

Sunset Chant: This one by Hollie Kenniff is for the ambient lovers. This lush track becomes gradually more harmonic and wholesome as it progresses; perfect for an AAA sci-fi film score. Getting Hanz Zimmer vibes from this one.

Thanks for taking the time to read / listen! I've been pretty busy lately moving homes & developing a new routine this last month, so these blogs have been lagging, but i do believe these changes are going to kickstart a much more exciting time in Tsunami Sounds as well as my own music journey. The next blogs will have more information, thoughts within the niche, and recognition of other artists & labels. We have some really exciting plans coming up at our label, pushing the boundaries of Chillhop & also getting deeper into the Japanese scene. More is planned but those are still secret. Stay tuned for the next blog & updates from my side! 

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