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Instrumental beats blog #25

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon", a bi-weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Jazz-funk, Chillhop scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me, Follow me on IG!


1. "Hakumei" by re:plus, Osamu Fukuzawa, and Yuichiro Kato was sent to me via Stereofox. This beautiful track is reminiscent of the great Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto dynamic, while still keeping things entirely fresh and distinct. The track features piano, woodwinds, a sax, a soothing rhythm, and more. Excellent vibes here.

2. "Blurred" by Mr. Kafer is a super slick and Jazzy track with an atmosphere that comes to life under the moonlight. Both the rhythm and melodies are top tier in this smooth, saucy production.

3. "Memories of a golden cartridge" by Nel Gabriel is one of my favorite tracks of the year. I'm chronically nostalgic, and this track scratched every inch of the past with the 8-bit Zelda influences. As usual with Nel's music, there's incredible evolution and melody work at play. If you enjoy sonic journeys, definitely give this one a spin.

4. "don't think, feel" by Wes Yee is incredibly uplifting and chill. A perfect Monday Morning type track to lift you up from worries and anxiety. Featuring muted trumpets and a dry, old school style drumline, a must listen for day-vibe music enthusiasts.

5. "Bate Papo" by Louk, Mindr is a high quality bossa-nova inspired tune with exceptional instrumentation quality and composition work. Excellent horns and mixing, as always from these two, while keeping the listener engaged with a really fun progression.

6. "Levitate" by Jah Born, Hermantra, Just1Beatz, Jordache V. Grant is a great Jazzy tune for late nights or chill days. Ethereal pianos glitter over a moody and rhythmic background, featuring synths, guitars, and more.

7. "The Black Hourglass" by The Event Horizon is another night tune, with a super atmospheric vibe. Those Rhodes transport me into some downtown area in the dead of night, feeling the wind against my face as I drive without a destination. Excellent work here creating such a descriptive soundscape.

8. "Zebra Plant" by Foliage Beats reminds me of the summer vibe, growing up in California during the 1990s. Really dope Jazz/funk influences here and that rhythm / percussion puts me in a dope trance.

9. "a warm blue" by Rhesa Siregar, Konb is such an eclectic sound. Rhesa always brings the highly melodic, intricate and Jazzy flavors that I love. With Konb on the trumpet, a truly great musical quality was formed. Released by our friends Japanolofi Records

10. "Late Night" by Sojourn is one for the classic boom bap heads. A dusty textured rhythm flows over a glitchy atmospheric backdrop, ripe for a freestyle or a smoke sesh with the friends.


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