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Instrumental beats blog #28

Welcome to "Vibe with Damon", a bi-weekly blog highlighting ten dope beats from the Lofi / Jazz-funk, Chillhop instrumental scene. To submit your music for consideration, use our labels submission portal. To connect with me personally, Follow me on IG!


1. "Indian Summer" by Nicolay is one of the most groovy, fun tracks that I've heard in a while. The percussion is everything in this one- but then you have the synth bass, the swelling strings, the woodwinds, and more. This is an exceptional track with some advanced composition going on.

2. "Gondola! Gondola!" by faff, Mathien is an incredibly uplifting tune. I feel like I'm in the 70s, starring in some kind of costal tv show. On a boat with some friends and a refreshing breeze. Overall, this track is a banger if you need an uplifted mood.

3. "8 Days to Nowhere" by B.A. Mac starts off with a saucy electric guitar and builds into a beautifully orchestrated atmosphere of strings, pianos, percussions, and various transition elements. I can tell B.A. Mac put her heart into this one. That bridge at 1:56 is ear candy!

4. "a hole in the sun" by santpoort is just what you'd expect from him; melodic, jumpy, and fun. His music is always a journey to listen through and this track is no exception. This track makes me feel like an ant, walking around a huge grass forest as the bees and the fly's do their thing.

5. "Palma" by DESH, David Mrakpor, Paul Grant is upbeat and polished, with really amazing instrumentation. The track feels a bit exotic with the rhythms, percussions and expressive piano melodies, and continues to evolve until the very end.

6. "Reminisce" by RINZ. sits in the goldilocks zone of energy, being a great track to throw on anytime of the day or night. I love the switch-up around 1:10, the guitar tone is so smooth and saucy. Overall, solid production quality..

7. "drifting" by Nel Gabriel, Theo Juarez released on our Twilight Grooves label last week and has gotten great reception. The duo in this track have a distinctly funky, groovy and jazzy sound that culminated in this masterpiece. The beginning is filled with dry horn stabs, while the second half is a smooth Jazz piece.

8. "Dilemma" by Loomington is a spacey and textured track that stays minimal, yet flexes a perfect touch of atmospheric elements to keep things fresh. Great track to throw on for some reflective, chill activities.

9. "Dreamchaser" by Alma Animo is the first track to release from our "Nariko; Language of Flowers" CD project. It's a shimmering, rainy track that'll imbue the listener with revitalization.

10. "Baak Waa" by Alexandra Hampton is a sophisticated track with an amazingly polished atmosphere. It casts a night-time vibe on the listener, taking them on an exotic exploration throughout all the evolution in this composition.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my top 10 selections! Please subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified when new issues are released and be sure to follow any artists that you enjoyed here!

You can find all featured music and more at our official playlists on Spotify.

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